Hello World!

This is my first very blog and as I’ve always been pretty crap at keeping diaries, I wonder how long this blog will last. Maybe if I start a sweepstake on that it might last a long time esp. as I could win money… I have a bit of competitiveness about me when it comes to gambling or winning on football. My involvement in the Fantasy Football league at work proves this as I hate football but now I know who Abebayor is.

To help you start a blog they give you a start with the ‘Hello World’ title which was the first thing I learnt in Ruby programming so I thought it fitting to start my blog with Hello World. I’ve only been playing around with Ruby as I’m a complete novice with any programming but it is very addictive. And the great thing about it is that I can learn it at work and it doesn’t feel like real work!

Anyway, back to what this blog is about – well it will be my thoughts on everything, many of them quite random and most probably very trivial. In my next post, which I already have decided to call ‘Mid Life Crisis’, I will write more about why I have started this blog.


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