Mid Life Crisis

Since getting back from a business trip in San Francisco I’ve been having some sort of mid life crisis – admittedly I might be fairly on the young side for this to happen (I’m 35 in case you are wondering). But then again I do believe there are a lot of mid-30 somethings that feel like this. And as this blog is part of the ‘crisis’ I will expand on what else I have been doing during this time.

I’ve taken up ice skating again – now I haven’t been for a few years since I broke a bone in my elbow but I used to go all the time between the ages of 14 – 16 and I even had a go at ice hockey. Now I haven’t been for years and now I’ve been 3 times this year on a Saturday morning on my own. Everyone is so young but I’m really enjoying myself even when falling over today and getting soaked. I think the ice rink has turned up the thermostat as the rink was like a swimming pool. Skating on your own is a bit pants but at least I’m getting fit and scary small children by whizzing past them is fun!

Other things that I’ve done since January are booking tickets for the V Festival, started running, going to photography exhibitions and art galleries, learning new things like Illustrator and Ruby, buying an iPod Touch, buying an USB turntable so I can download all my 12″ dance records from the 90s, buying the Sunday Times… Now this list doesn’t sound that radical but at 35 and all your friends are having children (and you can see them looking at you thinking ‘is she pregnant’ or seeing if I’m drinking or not) it feels like I’m taking a stand or trying to relive my youth!

Also, I feel like I need to educate myself (I work with some very clever people) so buying the Sunday Times and writing this blog is for that purpose. My grammar and spelling are crap – what a rubbish school I must of gone too – but hopefully writing lots of my thoughts might make me improve…


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