St Patrick’s Day v. St George’s Day

What is it about St Patrick’s Day in the England – all the tourists go mad over it. Drinking Guinness in O’Neills, wearing green and thinking they are Irish. I have friends who live in Northern Ireland, just outside of Belfast and I’m sure they don’t go around in this behaviour except for the fact that they are Irish. Now St George’s Day is a different story altogether… when is it? Maybe it should be advertised more. I think last year I saw the most effort put in by pubs and The Sun to make something of St George’s – a few flags displayed but that was it.

After working in London for 10 years I can’t even think where the nearest Irish pub is but in San Francisco I’ve been to two (and I’ve only been there twice) – which either means there is more Irish living in the States than in England or Americans are more gullible in to thinking that Irish pubs are better than English pubs. And this is the problem, there is no English-style pubs aboard (except in Spain and they are normally football-orientated and sell fry-ups and roast dinners!). When we were in Australia last year, we went in to 3 different Irish pubs but couldn’t find an English themed pub anywhere – maybe we were looking in the wrong place. I do wonder what an English-themed pub would look like aboard – brass fittings, open fires, red velvet seating and couple of old men propping up the bar with a pint of bitter. Nowadays it’s hard to find a true English pub esp. in London/Greater London as they are all owned by chains and specialise in chicken wraps for lunch. Outside the M25 might be a different story but unfortunately I live inside it.


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