The price of a hair cut

Today I had my hair cut at a rather well known chain of hairdressers – and it cost me £53! Now I love my new hair cut – being all girlie there is nothing like having it cut but I’m sure it is getting more and more expensive. Also, this particular hairdressers is in a well known shopping centre in Essex, so of course I had to go shopping too. After buying a top, jacket and a pair of shoes the whole day has cost me a small fortune. Plus lunch at Wagamamas, oh and I forgot about the socks I bought. Now I see this as my part of stopping the UK following the US and going in to a recession (has this happened yet?). By the amount of people at the shopping centre I think everyone else had the same idea.

Now I’m sitting at home watching it snow! We haven’t had any snow in Essex/London since last year so for it to start now over Easter is just typical for British weather. The idea of going out tonight with my new hair cut, new shoes and new jacket is just out of the question otherwise I will freeze and my hair will be covered up with a hat! Oh well, a night in then with a cosmo and a rather well-styled hair cut!


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