Romford Ice Rink

I remember Romford Ice Rink from my days as a teenager and going at least 3 times at week in the evenings (disco time!). I loved it and made many new friends from going. Unfortunately I don’t know of anyone now who would like to go skating with me know so I choose to go on my own. My hockey boots are twenty years old but have lasted well – this might be because I didn’t use them for about twelve years. When I think they cost over two hundred pounds back then I certainly have got value for money out of them. Now Romford Ice Rink is over twenty years old too but that hasn’t lasted as well. Everything is looking a bit shabby but this was bound to happen as they are building a new one soon. I’m hoping they don’t have to shut the old one while building the new one. My interest to go back to skating started as a form of exercise and honestly I’m really enjoying it – makes me want to be 18 again!

One of the best things of skating and being able to skate is watching men and women in their 30s with their children trying to skate. They are normally dressed in clothes not really suited for skating and seeing men who most probably are brilliant at football or rugby, standing on the ice wobbling all over the place is such a good laugh. I shouldn’t laugh really as I’m sure I was like that once – maybe. Lets hope the new rink will be just as good as I remember all those years ago when I first went and lets hope they don’t close it for a while otherwise I will have to take up running seriously as my only form of exercise.


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