Being a sort of vegetarian

Now vegetarian is the wrong word to describe me, I’m more of a non-meat eater but sometimes it is easier to say vegetarian when out for dinner or if I’m invited round a friends house. The reason for this is that I eat fish and I can hear many true veggies shouting in disgust that I would call myself a vegetarian. I’ve been to restaurants where they have a fish dish under the vegetarian section! I haven’t eaten meat (and that includes chicken) since I was 15/16 (can’t really remember) but I was a teenager and it was the thing to do. That’s peer pressure for you. When I started eating fish again, I can’t really remember but I haven’t had any lamb, chicken, beef or pork in nearly 20 years. My principles for eating fish is that its the only living thing I think I would be able to kill myself.

My in-laws have a terrible time with me being a veggie. At least five times a year I get some sort of lecture about how bad it is, how unhealthy, blah, blah, blah. Now for anyone that knows me I’m not a preaching type of person and I have never told anyone to be a vegetarian – if I was like that then I could understand them lecturing me. I think everyone has the right to decide for themselves and they should respect that.

Last year I was thinking of eating chicken again but only organic and free range. After much thinking I decided not to and after another lecture from the in-laws at the weekend, its made me even more determined not to eat meat. I do think that organic and free-range farming is the way go and if H buys meat for himself then it is always organic. I could moan about my in-laws having an unhealthy diet of too much red meat, too much processed cheap food but I won’t just in case one day they see this blog!


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