Technology issues – argh

Where do I start – yesterday I tried to sync my iPod Touch to Outlook to update my calendar which not only did it not upload any new appointments but took all the old ones out! So annoying but I can access my email by a web interface. I have issues with this though as the email server is an American-owned company so all of my appointments are in Central US time. Handy for those lunches at 6.30 in the morning! Then I updated Skype at work which was fine, so I thought I would update it on my home laptop – wrong. I managed to update it but will it work now, no. I have uninstalled it and uploaded it again but it still can’t connect. I might just have to write a snotty email to them about that.

On a brighter note, I’ve been having fun with Adobe Illustrator. Only started playing around with this in January after a bit of help from a friend. For a few weeks I created some icons for our company website, learning about type effects, swatches, gradient, control palette. It can be frustrating at times learning a new software like this, without any formal training but also fun at the same time. I found that by just playing around with shapes and colours I can create some great artwork. One problem with playing around with them like this was forgetting how I actually created a certain look, that was until I discovered the layers palette (while basically lists everything that you have done to a certain object). Below is some of my designs – not sure what I’m going to use them for. Maybe I could change my skype picture for one of them if I could get it working!



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