By jove, it’s snowing in Essex

It was proper snow this time and I haven’t seen proper, settled snow in about a year! I was very excited by it but nursing a hang-over I just couldn’t get myself that excited to go out in it. Today has turned out to be a typical Sunday, sitting in front of the TV with the heating on, eating Green and Black’s dark chocolate while thinking I must do something move constructive. So decided that writing my blog was constructive enough and also meant I didn’t have to move from the sofa!

Snow in April

It has been a strange weekend this one – firstly H decided to slip down some steps at work and had to go to A&E on a Friday night. It was only a sprain but meant Friday night was spent at the hospital then buying crappy ready meals because there was no food in the house. On Saturday the sprain seemed OK and H decided that Saturday night he would be OK for drinking and dancing (think he is paying the price for that now!). Went to a blessing on Saturday afternoon at a local Catholic church – not really my sort of thing and it was quite chilly in there. Drunk too much at the party afterwards so today has been wasted by not feeling up to much. I remember the days when I could go out clubbing or drinking all night and still get up the next day, albeit was most probably in the afternoon but still managed to go out in the afternoon to see friends. Now the idea of leaving the sofa seems like a bad idea. I didn’t win a thing on the Grand National – two of my horses finished in the top 6 but my best bet was for a ‘win only’ on Snowy Morning who came in third.

I did managed to make a decision on what course to do (Back to school post) – I’m going to do the Design and the Web course. I will save up for a new SLR digital camera but I don’t think the digital photography course was for me (maybe next year). After making this decision I decided that I would register and pay for the course right away so went on to the Open University site, entered my details etc., only to be told that there are too many records that match my name, address and date of birth to finish the registration online! Weird! Now I’m concerned how many Michelle Best’s there are out there with the same birthdate as me or did I just forget that I’ve already done an OU course (maybe while sleeping!). This also means I will have to fill out the forms the old fashioned way by printing them out (at work, as I don’t have a printer at home) and filling it out by hand, now that will be fun!?!


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