Reading over someone else’s shoulder

Why is it that newspapers and magazines always look more interesting while you are reading them over someone else’s shoulder? The Metro always looks more interesting if I’m reading it over someone else’s shoulder while on the train but if I pick up a copy on the tube, I can normally read it from front to back by the time I get to Farringdon and I only get on the tube at Aldgate (5 stops!). The other day I was looking at a woman reading this month’s Elle magazine and it had loads of good articles as she was flicking through it. So at the weekend I went out and purchased a copy – low and behold, I flicked through it and now it is on my bedside cabinet waiting to be read… not sure when that will be as I couldn’t find the interesting articles that I saw when the other woman was reading it.

Today I decided instead of ‘shuffling’ to music I would listen to a Radio 4 podcast – the Friday Night Comedy: Now Show. Trying not to laugh out loud on the train is really hard – lots of silly grins can cause people to look at you oddly. The funniest bit was the comedians talking about Barack Obama and his slogan ‘Yes you can’ and how it is the same as Bob the Builder’s phrase and comparing it to McCain ‘Fries’ “these oven chips contain 35% less fat”… so funny! The only problem with listening to podcasts is that I’m not reading my book – the 100 Big Read is going to take me ages at this rate.

On a good note – it’s nice to see that the spell check button is back… thank you WordPress!


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