It’s Friday and I can’t think what to write

I think my brain is frazzled from a week at work as I can’t think of what to write about today. Hope this doesn’t mean the end of all my thoughts or maybe it’s something to do with a slight sore throat that I have. Maybe I should mention the London Marathon but I might write about that on Sunday after watching 36,000 people in Lycra or novelty outfits run around London. Maybe I should write about my exciting Friday night in drinking beer. Maybe I should write about Facebook again and then I will get lots of hits again. Or I could just write a long list of maybes…

One part of the US culture especially on team calls (thankfully not on my team calls!) is to say ‘what has been your highlight of the week’, so here are my highlights of the week.

  • Getting Skype fixed and acquiring a home network administrator in the process
  • Getting nearly half way through David Copperfield
  • Running twice this week – double what I did last week
  • Catching up with some good friends

Doesn’t sound that exciting does it but it shows you want a normal week is like. Ice-skating tomorrow will be a highlight of the weekend for me!! Maybe I need to get out more…


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