Instant messaging

Now that I have my Skype fixed I feel so much better for having it back. That is quite surprising as I only starting using IM about 2 years ago when the company I work for got acquired by an US firm. We all had to install Skype for making free phone calls to the US – I don’t really use this feature as the time delay can be really off putting. But Skype has the best IM ever. I would say that as I haven’t really used any others except for Google Chat but I have to have Google Mail open, which I don’t always do and Zimbra Chat. Zimbra is our work email system, which I really like using (does take some getting used to through). It can be synchronised with Outlook but I don’t use Outlook very much now only to sync my iPod Touch with the calendar (when it works!). The Zimbra Chat is in beta at the moment and I have only used it a couple of times. It seems to fall over a lot. Skype on the other hand is fab – the small green tick in the task bar to show you are online and with one click you can see who is online or offline and off you go. The emoticons on Skype are great too.

I find the Skype IM invaluable for everything – from quick notes about work to colleagues when you don’t want to send an email with only one line, chatting to colleagues about things going on in the office when you can’t actually talk to them (almost a form of gossiping), getting to know colleagues in the States better without disturbing them too much. It’s amazing how you can ‘chat’ with someone at the same time as answering emails and continuing with other work. I just need to get some friends on to Skype now so I can chat to them more easily than by email – hopefully this post will help with that!


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