Google and how I love it

Now in my world at work (where I do spend most of my time) I check the news headlines everyday for news about the publishing world. Everyday there is always something about Google especially since it went public a few years ago. I’ve been using Google for about 8 years after a colleague mentioned that the search was much better than Yahoo! or AltaVista. It was so much quicker and easier to use than anything I had used at the time and it is still to this day. I just love the way their home page is so non-fussy unlike MSN/Yahoo!. On Friday, Google announced it’s financial results beating the predictions of the analysts who were saying there was a downturn in online advertising. This new boosted Google’s shares, the biggest one day gain on their shares since going public.

Since the day of when I first used Google, using Netscape as a browser, who decided after a few years to change it’s look and format thus making me turn to Internet Explorer (I use Firefox now – highly recommended), Google hasn’t changed its look at all. Of course you can now have a personalised Google page with news feeds, clocks, weather etc or the Google Toolbar. There is also Google Maps, Google Mail, Google Images, Google Books, Google Scholar, the list goes on and on. Google has now been voted the most powerful brand in the world by BrandZ for the second year running and I can see why that is with TV/Radio shows saying ‘I Googled that’ or ‘I’ll look that up on Google’ instead of saying ‘look that up on the internet’. I still find the search in Google is the best in the world and it always finds what I’m looking for – I just hope they don’t change the way it works or looks. The only thing I wished that did more of, like they did before going public and that is the Google Holiday Logos – they were great fun to see now and again.


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