London elections and Banksy

Spotted this yesterday – I wonder if it’s a Banksy?? It’s on the pavement right by the Guardian building on Farringdon Road.


It’s brings an interesting theme to the London Mayor elections… I read in papers at the weekend that the contest between Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson for making politics interesting again. I don’t think they would ever be on the scale of the US elections – UK politics is never that interesting but for London and its suburbs the Ken and Boris bout is making the news. Even by just saying Ken or Boris without their surnames must mean they have a bit of celebrity about them. In the said article it even mentioned that London Mayor elections made the news state side (NY Times I think – memory is not what it was).

My own opinion of it all is that I’m not that interested – I will go and vote but I won’t vote for Boris as he is part of the Conservative Party (esp. as my parents business went bankrupt in the Thatcher era) so it will be either Ken or the other guy from the Lib Dems. I’ll decide on the day.

Another great article I read today was in the FT (I don’t normally read this but we have it delivered to the office), anyway it was about the American Presidential elections and comparing them to the Weakest Link and American Idol. It’s a very funny article (link above) – if you can’t be bothered to register with the FT to read it, oh well, take my word for it as a very light-hearted look at US elections.

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