Mid-thirties – grey hairs and spots!

Getting to my mid-thirties happened in such a quick flash of light that now I’m here I keep thinking how did that happen. I don’t think I would want to go back to school but college was good fun and so was my early 20s. The problem with being thirty-something is: age groups on questionnaires and now being classed in the upper bracket (35-44); middle-age spread starts happening without you realising it and not by changing your eating habits; wishing you was 18 again so you can go to parties (like on Skins); grey hairs and spots! I really thought by now I would be over the teenage spot thing but the buggers just keep coming back. Nowadays I spend a small fortune on face cleanser, scrubs, masks but still they keep popping up! I can have months of nice clear skin and I think yes, they finally gone for good. Hell no, eventually they come back to haunt me in the night.

To top it all off there is the fine lines issues – where all of a sudden you see that the lines don’t disappear like they used to, especially after a night out drinking. Grey hairs suddenly appear, spouting from the top of your head like an antenna saying ‘hello look at me’ . Middle-age spread on the stomach has started for me and now that I’m doing more exercise than I have done for years – no noticeable change. (Note to self – must run for longer). One of the goods things about getting older, especially for me anyway, is my confidence has got a lot better over the years and hopefully it will continue to do so. Now where is the concealer and hair dye…


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