It’s cocktail hour

I’ve been very fortunate that the company that I work for is based in San Francisco (Burlingame actually) and have been to San Francisco twice now on business trips. These trips are where the whole company gets together once a year – there are a lot of meetings but also a lot of talking, laughing, shopping, food and drink involved. The best thing that I’ve discovered about the US and in particularly San Francisco, is cocktails. My previous knowledge of cocktails was a snakebite and black (beer, cider and blackcurrant juice in a pint glass) while in my late teens, B52s (any shot is prone to make me sick, after about 2 or 3 of them), Pimms (which is classed as a cocktail) and pina coladas (umbrella and all). Since going to San Francisco I have got to know quite well Cosmopolitans. Vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime – all in a wonderful martini glass. I make these quite well now…


Other cocktails that I have tried is Manhattans – which looks just like a Cosmo but tastes a lot stronger thanks to rye whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters. It’s pretty powerful but it’s on my list to like more! Yesterday I tried Mojito for the first time and wow, that was gorgeous. That will be my next cocktail to try and make at home as it will be great in the summer and I’m thinking positively that this year we will have a great summer in the UK. Since I’m not a great fan of wine and drink mostly beer, it’s good have another collection of drinks open to me. There are just some occasions when a bottle of beer doesn’t really look the part but now I can go for cocktails and if they aren’t an option (like most pubs in the UK) then vodka and tonic will have to do! Bottoms up!


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