A day in my life – mostly at work!

I decided today that I would write about my day – like a proper diary, what I did, who I saw and so on. I might do this occasionally just to see how my days might be different every couple of months.

Alarm went off at 6.35am followed by a 8 mins snooze. Managed to get out of bed at 6.45am, showered, washed hair, moisturised, put contact lenses in, cleaned teeth, cleansed, tone and moisturised face, applied make-up, got dressed and dried my hair. Left house at 7.50am (yes, it takes me over an hour to get ready!!). Walked to the train station and got the 8.03am train to Fenchurch Street. Walked to Aldgate from Fenchurch Street and got the tube to Farringdon – arrived at work at 9.05ish. Got my computer going and made my morning cup of Earl Grey (black) with toast and jam. Checked emails and logged on to my company website to check the daily headlines. Message from Director who was working at home today, to check her machine and send over a document for her – did that. Checked daily headlines, edited and tagged them on the website. Answered a few emails and started a PowerPoint presentation for the Chief Research Fellow. Went to lunch at 12.30pm with Office Manager and walked to M&S for a quiche to go with my salad. Flicked through the FT while eating my lunch and then checked the BBC, ThisisLondon, WordPress, Fantasy Football and Facebook websites.

The afternoon was more exciting as I was working on some website icons using Illustrator. Designed some more, sent them over to our Lead Architect, discussed some more ideas for them and then I designed some more. All done and looking great (I say so myself) and I will create proper Icons with them tomorrow using IconFactory. Can’t wait to see them live! Finished off the PowerPoint presentation and sent that off by email. Replied to a couple more emails and then left work at 6.30pm. Got the train back home arriving at around 7.30pm and luckily dinner was already being cooked by Husband. Put some laundry on, ate dinner, washed up after dinner and then MIL came round with a premium bond form for me to fill out for our family syndication. Chatted and ate Green & Black’s dark chocolate (yum) and then after she had left I got the laptop out and wrote this! Whew, what a day and I’m sure I missed most of it, like the chatting to colleagues, texting and skyping, listening to my iPod, reading my book. I’m going to watch Have I Got News For You now and then it’s off to bed. Goodnight (UK/Europe) or have a good day (US)!!


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