London Mayor elections and May Day

Tomorrow is the 1st May and its local election time! Now I’m not really going to talk about them but I watched Have I Got News For You on Monday and they showed this great clip about the London Mayor elections and children’s TV programme Rainbow. Click here for it. I am going to vote tomorrow in case your were wondering.

Also, my OU course starts tomorrow, scary but I’m taking Friday off work so I can spend the afternoon (I’m having a lazy morning first) working on my first lesson. Wasn’t May 1st also called May Day (in my youth) and required dancing around a Maypole and involved Morris Dancers. I’m remembering all this from my childhood – what a bizarre time that must of been for me! I wonder if the May Day protests are on this year, last year they were and I watched them from Clerkenwell Road. Lots of ‘No troops in Iraq’ and ‘free … someone or something’ – quite entertaining. The amount of police that are the streets when this goes on is amazing – burglary and car crime must really go up in the London area during this time!

This post is a bit rambling as I don’t have much time to write today as off out for a leaving party for a colleague! Cheers everyone.


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