Writing a blog…

When I started this blog, I just thought I would write my rambling thoughts about what I did or what I saw in London and Essex. I think many of my posts are like these but I don’t really have any format or theory behind them. Some of the other blogs that I read are very much like mine but some are much more structured. The corporate, political, celebrity blogs are to name a few and I notice that these blogs appear in the list of the WordPress top blogs and also get mentioned in newspapers or on news sites.

I’ve wondered lately if there is a method to writing these to make your blog a ‘Top Blog’. Does depending what time of day you post matter? I’m finding the later I post the more people read my blog. I think this might be a time zone issue. How you write your title? Now this must matter but I’m not sure what the formula is for writing a top title. How many friends and family do you tell about your blog? If you tell them all then what happens if you write about them. I personally haven’t told many friends or family about mine as I feel quite embarrassed by it. Do you tell all your work colleagues about it? I’ve told a few close friends at work but I don’t think my boss or colleagues in the States know about it. Should I tell them all… What happens if you do write about people you know, do you name them or initial them. Or like in my post at the beginning of the week I mentioned everyone at work by their job titles. I wonder if people would be offended if I had actually named them? Any top tips for writing a ‘Top Blog’ would be much appreciated!

I’ve got the day off tomorrow so I might send an email around to friends telling them about this or I might just write the email but most probably won’t send it.


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  1. 1 Invisible Mikey February 1, 2010 at 7:44 pm

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts about this, Michelle.

    I suppose the easy (flippant) answer to how one creates a “Top Blog” is to appeal to the widest markets: Politics, Celebrity Gossip, Movie/Music trailers etc. and pack it full of manipulative widgets, polls and gift offers topped off by a title that draws viewers the way they used to craft them for drive-in movies.

    My approach is contrarian and “old-school”. I just try to write something people will enjoy READING. That’s harder than the “blogging for traffic” strategy, but if you build it – they will come. I guess it depends on what you are seeking in terms of response. There’s a woman who writes as TimeThief in the Forums section of WordPress.com whose site is all about tips to increase your traffic, and there are other “how-to” posts in the Forums.

    (I posted about this topic, and about weird music, and about a 700 yr old dance lately.)

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