A day in my life – on a warm Saturday

A few weeks ago I wrote about my day at work so I thought I would write about today especially as it’s such nice weather here at the moment and you will be able to see that I didn’t really spend any of it outside! Woke up at around 8.30am and got in the shower, got ready (make-up and dressed by 9.20am), went downstairs for breakfast (wonderfully cooked by Husband). Dried hair and went off to ice-skating at Romford Ice Rink. The drive to rink always takes so long and I have to take lots of back roads as the main route has about 15 sets of traffic lights. Got to the rink at around 10.45, ah the cool air was nice at the rink. Skated for about an hour and half with all the teenagers. Enjoyed myself immensely as it was quite quiet at the rink so managed to whizz round loads and even practiced going backwards, which I haven’t done in about 10 years! Left the rink at 12.45 and drove home.

Put some laundry on, had lunch of Gnocchi and tomato sauce (left over dinner from Thursday) and then we went to Lakeside shopping to get three birthday presents!! While at Lakeside bump in to Sister-in Law and her friends shopping – bumped literally as she and one of her friends are both pregnant. Arranged a night out for next Saturday as Husband is away on a stag weekend then. Then we meet up with really good friends who have just had their third child – she was gorgeous and so tiny. They had left the older two behind with grandparents but it was really good to see them as they live quite far away from us. After that we managed to get the birthdays presents and I acquired a headache. Even buying a top, white jeans and a necklace from TopShop helped with the headache – great. Got home via Somerfield (for beer and M&Ms for Husband). I’ve now drunk 3 glasses of water and one beer (as it is warm out), headache feels better. Well I better go now as I’m out with old school friends tonight and being picked up at 7pm – now do I wear my new jeans tonight!


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