Fantasy Football

My knowledge of football is very limited and it doesn’t really interest me but back last year around September time I heard that there was a Fantasy Football league going on at work. Being a natural gambler I was intrigue and asked my colleagues to send me the link to the FF website. Now the league was called the Rosebery Avenues and there was only three people in it. For some reason (maybe a hidden competitiveness that I never knew I had) I decided to join. Choosing the name for my team was loosely based on West Ham and I decided on Upminster Cheese. My first mistake at the beginning of the season was joining six weeks late and deciding that I would have all English players – hah, what a mistake that was. Ferdinand and Upson are the only players that have survived right to the end of the season. Also, my goalie Howard has stayed. Surprisingly in the first week I got 57 points – I thought this is easy but no after that it went a bit down hill with 27 and then 21 points.

My next mistake in terms of football but not personally was a three week holiday to Australia and had no internet connection whatsoever (that seems unbelievable now with this blog!) so my team really went all a bit ‘Pete Tong’. After that I took much more care over my team and rapidly change the whole line up! At the end of the season my team was much more multi-national. With some help from friends or coaches I managed to get a rather reasonably team and at the end of the season I came third in the league! How exciting is that but to tell you the truth it most probably helped that one of the other teams decided to move house during the middle of the season. Still it was very exciting and my knowledge of players and teams has increased a lot. I follow football a lot more now but I still don’t watch it. At least I now know who is in the Premiership and who plays for what. Roll on August, when the new season starts and I can start choosing my new team. Now that is a phrase I never thought I would say!


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