Running – an update

I thought I would write a quick post on how my running is going. Since my last post on this back in April, I’m improving, slightly. After much walking/ running/ walking training over the past few weeks, I actually managed to run the whole route that I do – yippee! Felt absolutely knackered when I got back but also elevated. Since then I have ran this route twice more – a whole three times! As I didn’t know the distance I had run, I got my husband to drive the car round the route that I did and it was just over one mile, whew, more than I thought. In theory that means I have run over 3 miles in the last seven days which is the same as 5K (which is the length of the Race for Life that I’m doing).

Yesterday it took me 14 minutes to run the mile so if I can actually run 3.11 miles all in one go, it should only take me 45 minutes to do the 5K race. Tomorrow is my next training day so I going to have to improve on the mile and see if I can do 1.5 miles. One thing I am finding with running is that it’s not that I’m out of breath while running it’s just my calf muscles screaming at me to stop. Maybe this means my stamina is improving but my legs muscles are not enjoying it. They are just not very flexible – maybe this is why I was so rubbish at yoga. I did yoga for about 3 years and I still can’t touch my toes, nor could I do any of the poses properly. I’m still motivated to the running (more than yoga did) so hopefully this will be something I keep going at even after the 5K race. Four weeks of training left – yikes.

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