Girls putting make-up on while on the train

This is one of those annoying things that I see sometimes on the train. Why would anyone want to put their make-up on a train and I’m not talking about lipstick (which is OK) but the whole face. Foundation, powder, eye shadow, blusher etc. If you feel like you can leave the house without make-up on then why is it necessary to put some on at all. The other day I sat around three girls doing their make-up and it can be quite distracting. How no-one has not poked their eye out with a mascara wand is beyond me. Or smeared eye shadow all over their face if the train has to suddenly stop.

I never leave the house without any make-up on except on very early Sunday mornings when I’m out running. I don’t normally see anyone I know otherwise it might give them a fright. The worse thing I have very seen on a train and on the tube as well, is girls pucking their eyebrows – argh, it is just horrible to watch and to think of all those eyebrows floating about in the carriage. It’s just not nice. Well, I had my rant of the day. I’m off shopping with our US HR Manager that is over! Cheerio.


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