Happy Friday!

Happy Friday to everyone. This will be a very short post as I was too busy at work to write anything and then out after work. I will say it was nice to sit outside on a warm evening and have a couple of beers. In the UK this is so rare, that when it does happen it’s wonderful. I had a great evening with our new HR manager who is now a friend, which is handy for trips to San Francisco. On the tube, it was lucky I had my iPod otherwise I would have had to listen to the Geordies who had such strong accents that I would be able to understand a French person easier. The train not as busy as it’s a Friday night; Thursdays are terrible as its party night in the city. Well, Happy Friday to all – I’ve borrowed this phrase from two very different people I work with. I promise to write more tomorrow.

I’ve just noticed that I’ve did a post last Friday called Happy Friday! so I think there is now a theme going on here.  Basically I’ve had one too many beers or cosmos before writing my blog and all I can think of is how Happy Friday is.  I should really write Friday’s post on Thursday to stop this from happening on a frequent basis!


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