20 years younger

I’m not talking about the TV show which is actually called 10 Years Younger but how as you get older there is that scary thought that I could be a parent to a teenager! Today, while skating there was a birthday group at the rink and the birthday girl was dressed up with badges, tiara, ribbons – she was 15 today! This gave me a fright as I’m old enough to be her mother (if I had had a child at 20), and the question that I wanted to ask, would she have invited me to skate with her if I was her mother? Or by having a child so young would I actually look a look older than 35. Clothes, hair styles and attitude all help to keep you young – lots of beauty products to keep the wrinkles at bay. But I still see people on the train or down the pub and I wonder how old they are – they could be the same age as me but look 10 years older. The older day there was a women on the train wearing a rather fetching grey, over-sized fleece with Winnie-the-Pooh embroidered on it – I think she must have been the same age as me but looked early fifties in that horrible fleece.

I like to buy clothes but I keep to the shops that attract a younger generation like TopShop, Oasis, French Connection, New Look, Dorothy Perkins (which has improved a lot over the past few years), Ted Baker. One shop that I avoid is Next. Their clothes always seem the same every year except for some small detail change and have a mumsy feel to them. In my twisted mind once I start buying lots of clothes from Next in a size 14 then I have fallen from grace and plunged head first in to frumpyland! I’m hoping that never happens. I think I’m quite lucky as I look younger than my age (which I get from my mum) but it could be down to all the Essex water that I drink!


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