The great British weather

Ah, there is nothing like a bank holiday for the great British weather to come in to its own – driving rain and a cold, brisk wind for a bank holiday Monday. For the past two days in the Essex area it has been dull, miserable, cold, wet and very windy. Driving conditions today were dangerous and that was just on the local roads – I would have hated to be on the motorway on a day like today. It feels more like October outside than May. Then again it’s not as bad as the cyclone that happened in Burma and the tornadoes that are sweeping across Midwestern US.

I remember the hurricane that hit the south-east of England back in 1987 – it was at night and I remember the wind howling at my bedroom window. In those days, we didn’t have double glazing so the noise of the wind was deafening. I could feel the house moving as a tree in our back garden was up-rooted. I also remember my parents getting up to see if me and my younger brother were OK. By the morning, the wind had died down and the best bit about it was that school was shut. Outside on our street was tons of debris from trees and general rubbish. A collapsed garage was of most interest to us kids who were allowed out to investigate what had happened. Unfortunately, as the news unfolded 18 people were killed that night, but when you are 14 all you want to do is play with your friends and count how many trees had fallen over at the local country park.


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