The school run and playing outside

I thought I would write something more political today but decided Gordon Brown was too boring so rising fuel costs it is. I can understand why the haulage companies were in protest yesterday at rising costs of fuel and road tax. If they stopped making their deliveries then supermarkets would have empty shelves and there would be limited supply on all other goods. The thing that got me about this was hearing from families who couldn’t afford luxuries anymore because of petrol costs. I’m sure half the problem is that no one walks their kids to school anymore or let them when old enough to walk to school. My mum can’t drive so when I was small she would walk me and my brother to school. When I was a secondary school I would meet up with friends and all of us would walk together. It’s a shame that most children nowadays won’t get these small pieces of freedom as parents are too scare to let them walk on their own or send them to schools miles away from home.

The other day I watched a programme on the BBC called Child of Our Time about 25 children all born in 2000 and the programme is following their progress in life and how different everyone lives. I only watched the first 30 minutes but it revealed that only about 2 or 3 children were allowed to play outside and only a few are walked to school by their parents. I was really lucky that I lived in a time when playing outside was all that I wanted to do – there was a big group of us from the ‘street’. We played outside in summer months until the sunset. Games like British Bulldog, Tim Tam Tommy, French Cricket. Riding our bikes up and down the pavements, roller skating, skipping, football. I get such fond memories from these days and it’s a shame that most children won’t ever have days like these. Their memories will most probably been computer games and who had the better car at the school gates.


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