1,000 hits – yippee

My blog hit the 1,000 mark today (it stands at 1,018 hits right now) – yippee, how excited I am for my little blog. I’m sure there are many other blogs who have many more hits than this in their first week, but as I haven’t really told many friends about it I’m surprised to get over 1,000 hits in three months. Blog stats are really interesting and what everyone searches for when they find my blog is most interesting. Unfortunately there are no funny search engine terms so maybe I should write about sex, drugs and rock n’ roll instead of my rambling thoughts on normal life. My ‘normal’ life must be boring if it doesn’t mention sex, drugs and roll n’ roll or I just choose not to write about them on here… there must be a naughtier side of me writing that blog in a parellel universe.

Hitting 1,000 has also reminded me that I was going to update the image header with some design that I was going to create. Also, I was going to add some more photos to the About page and I feel I must update the text on About me. A bit more meat is required as opposed to the five lines that I wrote way back in March when I started this. Actually my first post has more information about why I’m writing this blog, so I might cheat and copy some of that. I wonder how much stuff I should give away on the About page – the 10 Things About Me page was a bit of fun, so the About page could be more of a story of my life. I’ll have a think about that and as that page has the most hits of all my pages I hope I can think of something exciting to write. What pressure I have just put on myself to make my life sound exciting!

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