The teenage years

I spent a few hours this morning ice-skating on my own again and decided that really need to find some friends (or even one friend) to go with. I do enjoy my own company especially while exercising (that’s what I like to call ice-skating) but while watching everyone else at the rink it did make me feel that I should put an ad in the local newspaper – “thirty-something looking for ice-skating friend”. Can’t imagine what sort of weirdos would reply to something like that. As the average age at the rink is 15, I don’t think I’m going to make friends there, even though I do recognise a lot of people there now. Most of the girls at the rink just give me the evil eye in a typical teenager way but I remember that from my days of skating in my teenage years. Most of the friends that I made at the ice rink were boys but I can’t imagine any of the boys now will want to be my friend especially if they knew how old I was. Maybe the only way I could be popular with the ‘rink kids’ is for me to bribe them with lifts in my car!

Sometimes there are times when I would like to be 15 again when life was so simple and £10 a week would buy a packet of Skittles, a can of Dr Pepper, maybe an item of clothing, a vinyl record or a tape (I’m really showing my age now) and go ice-skating four times a week to the disco nights! Ah, what happy memories I have of the disco nights. The most important thing in my life then (before the exams started) was ice-skating, clothes and boys. I could say that nothing has changed since then but my husband might query the boys part of that sentence. Maybe I should say men instead!


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