Retro sweets

Another weekend is nearly over and I’m still knackered from a Friday night out drinking very expensive cocktails. Drinking in Covent Garden is not cheap – £16 for two cocktails!! One of my highlights this weekend was chilling out on Saturday evening watching BBC2 and The Supersizers Go… Seventies. This programme brought back so many memories of my childhood from the decor, fashion (the shoes that I remember my dad having) and the food. Basically the programme is all about the food that was eaten in the seventies. Memories of liver and bacon (in my meat eating days), tinned vegetables, Angel Delight, fried bread, Arctic Roll, Crispy Pancakes and sherry trifle. My childhood days obviously included lots of processed food and sugar… the retro sweet shop scene in this programme was great. Cola bottles, shrimps, sherbet fountains, flying saucers, Refreshers, Dip Dabs, sweet peanuts, black jacks, fizzy dummies and not forgetting the chocolate cigarettes. Looking back it’s quite fun to think that I was wandering around the streets pretending to smoke – even the packets of these sweets look just like a packet of cigarettes!

My other memories of my seventies childhood is roller skates – I won a roller skating disco dancing competition at a street party. Street parties were a strange phenomenon – that was when everyone knew their neighbours and organised these parties for some royal occasion. Lots of mums cooking food and arranging games for the kids. There were proper seasons back then – snow in the winter and hot weather in the summer. Long summer days playing games with all the other kids. And my mum making all my clothes. Meat stewing in a pressure cooker for hours on end and the house stinking. Power cuts and getting the candles out from the cupboard under the stairs. Holidays were always on the Isle of Wight in a chalet were we had to put 50 pence pieces in the metre to keep the electricity going. There was no TV available during the day then so maybe that’s why my imagination is overactive – too much time spent playing outside with my brother or with friends roller skating. I’m going to buy some retro sweets for the next time we have a party or friends round – what fun it will be seeing everyone with sherbet dib dabs and drumstick lollies!


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