Confusing real life with my blog

One of the problems with writing a blog about what I get up to or think is that I don’t really know who I have told what or who knows what. Some of my friends that I know who read this, I speak to or see nearly once a day and the amount of times I have re-told a story to them that I have written about. Then again I sometimes think everyone knows what I did, say, at the weekend but they don’t as they don’t read my blog or know about it. Re-telling the story of the expensive cocktails that I had last Friday night – £16 for two, amazed those who didn’t know and those who did, I just get a knowing look, which makes me say – ah, you know that already. Is this confusing real time contact with people, with my thoughts on here and assuming everyone is reading it. I never knew when I started writing this blog that it could confuse me so much.

It’s a bit like having a double-life but everything I write on here is true – honest! Having a secret blog where you could write fiction could be interesting and I wonder how many do. Embellishments on jobs, money, sex life or how you look could lead to all sorts of lies and confusing real life with your fake life. Most of the blogs that I read on WordPress I don’t know who they are but I take their opinions and thoughts as true. Now it could be that I’m a very trusting person. Then again, it could be that everyone else writes like me and they all jot down genuine thoughts as well.


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