I’ve just discovered Google Docs

Today I discovered Google Docs – I’ve always known about it but for some reason never looked at it. Well, today that all changed. It all started with a colleague wondering how to get a table to look good in WordPress for a work item. Now me being me and obviously using WordPress a lot, I like a challenge. When I created my 100 Big Read page I copied and pasted a spreadsheet from Excel and had to tweak it to make it look right (I’m still not 100% pleased with it). So this afternoon I had a quick look in the forums on WordPress and Google Docs was mentioned a couple of times as a way to help with tables. Thrilled by this I had a quick look – ooh, I couldn’t contain my excitement in finding Google Docs. It looked like a cross between an old version of Word (definitely not 2007) and the WYSIWYG software that I’m using for my OU course.

I had a quick play around on Google Docs, created a table (easy), changed the cell padding, border colour and added content. All very easy and amazingly I had remembered something from my website design course about cell padding. A quick look at the HTML version – copy the code and paste into WordPress (in the HTML part). Click back to visual and there is your table. Now, I’ve only spent 20 mins or so looking at Google Docs and tables but I’m going to revamp my page on the 100 Big Read with it. No wonder Microsoft did what it did to Office 2007 – trying to make it look so different compared to the old version of Office, they must be scared with all this free software like Google Docs floating about the web. I have a feeling that I might write again about Google Docs while I spend the next few weeks playing around with it!

My table using Google Docs
Hello World!
This table was done in about a minute but I might change it tomorrow – it’s very late now so it’s time for some sleep instead of playing about with tables!

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