Voom Voom went the Electric Car

Actually electric cars don’t go voom voom, they have a more of a stealth mode and can silently move about the streets. My brother-in-law has a hybrid Toyota Primus for work and it is really quiet but also in a deadly way. If electric cars very take off like they are predicting then watch out kids – you’ll never hear it before it hits you. Also, the Primus is the ugliest car in the world (well, maybe after the Fiat Multipla) and has a top speed of around 80mph – boring! My brother-in-law’s company got the electric car for free congestion charge and parking in London, well now the City of London has changed its mind about the free parking. Today they have announced that it is going to axed free parking for it being too successful! This isn’t going to help the environment. Around London I’m always spotting the electric cars – I would say about 30% of cars around town are electric. Shame they can’t make taxis electric, maybe one day.

I’m quite an environmentally-friendly person – ecover washing products and recycling but I also like a nice petrol car. Preferably a fast car but my history of cars hasn’t always been that great. Having fast cars runs in my family, my dad and brother both have or had fast cars. I honestly believe that if my brother had more encouragement with go-karting when he was younger he could have been a rally/racing driver. Back to my history of cars: first car fell apart for being so old and rusty; second car I crash into a friends car and wrote it off; third car got stolen; fourth car was too expensive to run (that also got broken into once). Wow, makes me sound like a bad driver. Those were all my cars after that I have been using my husband’s cars but I still managed to get one broken into and hit someone else in another. I have to say that I haven’t had an accident in years but I do still drive too fast on the motorways – I’m much safer on other roads. My dream car is an Aston Martin, true British and gorgeous looking but that’s never going to happen, so my other dream cars at the moment are a new version of the Fiat 500 or a Mini Cooper that has a Union Jack flag on the roof!


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