A day studying

So my Saturday has consisted of studying for my Open University course instead of enjoying the lovely warm weather. One of the main problems with my OU course is finding the time to do it – most Saturday afternoons and Sunday’s are study time but this leaves no time for housework (oh well) or ironing and doing exciting things like reading or chilling out in the garden. Luckily this course is only ten weeks and I’m in week nine so not long to go before I get my weekends back. Saying that I have really enjoyed this course (Design and the Web) and most probably will do another OU course when the new term starts in October. The past few weeks have been a real struggle with motivation, which is why I was a week behind this morning. I have managed to get through Lesson 8 today – albeit I might have to re-read a couple of pages but I did create a six page fictional website.

I won’t bore everyone with the design cycle about my website but I did enjoy myself playing around with the WYSIWYG software (Nvu) and managed to create a site about a fictitious Ladies Ice Hockey Club! I won’t post the URL on here as it is just for fun and I don’t want lots of women wanting to join my team (if only I had a team!). All I’ve got to do now is come up with an idea for my final assessment – a fully working website (again fictional) plus a 2,000 word report documenting the design of the site. I have various ideas for this but no definite plans – I think I should choose something that I enjoy as this will make it easier to create. Well, I’m cracking on with Lesson 9 this weekend and a day off work next week to get everything finished by the 10th July. After all that then I will have that agony of waiting for the results, that will take me back to my school days!

Fake website


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