Music – nowadays (part 3)

I have a feeling that my taste in music has changed a lot over the years, a bit like my taste in chocolate has changed (only dark chocolate now). I still like dance music but I don’t buy vinyl singles anymore (partly because I can’t buy it anymore unless I go to a specialised record shop) – I buy albums now. Now that is a sign of getting older! Getting an iPod changed all that and now I buy the odd single that I hear on the radio and then if I really like it I will purchase the whole album. Back to the early part of this decade I started listening to Radio 1 more during the weekends which broadened my taste in music. I was still buying at the time Ministry of Sound dance compilations but started realise that they were releasing about eight or more albums a year and most of them had the same records on them. Then around 2004 I started to watch Glastonbury on the TV and saw the Sister Scissors and Franz Ferdinand. This started a whole new era of music buying. I stopped buying the dance albums and started buying ‘proper’ albums. The following year at Glastonbury it was the turn of The Killers, Magic Numbers, Kaiser Chiefs and Bloc Party.

Considering all of these are bands and play real instruments it is differently a change in direction for me. Since then I have purchased albums by all of the above but I also got into more jazz music thanks to Amy Winehouse and the fantastic Mark Ronson. Since last year I am more into live music as well. Most live concerts that I had been to before where boy bands or pop stars. Now this year I’m going to V Festival to see The Prodigy and the Pigeon Detectives. A few months ago I went back to dance music by buying the Roisin Murphy album but even my taste in house music has altered – more singing then beats! Now I’m really into Bright Eyes as recommended by a friend. This is basically one person who writes and sings, Conor Oberst and described as indie rock/alternative blues on the iTunes website. After downloading two songs and liking them so much I purchased their album (Cassadaga). After a day or two of listening to this my friend recommended another album of Bright Eyes – I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning. Such a fantastic album and I’ve been playing both albums continuously for the past two weeks. Trying to stop myself singing along on the tube is really hard. I’m hoping to see Conor Oberst when he plays at the Electric Ballroom in Camden in August – more live music. I would never have thought fifteen years ago I would be listening to alternative blues and loving it!


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