Peculiar habits

One of the peculiar habits that I have and most probably alot of other humans, is the habit of always sitting in the same place on a train. I think this is especially true for when boarding a train at the beginning of a route. I’m actually writing this while sitting in the same seat that I try and get every night on the way home. I even congratulated myself in getting this seat as there were a few commuters in front of me trying to get on the train. How funny! Obviously I don’t have this luxury in the mornings where just getting a seat would be nice and the tube is a whole different matter altogether.

Before working on Covent Garden getting the metropolitan line at Aldgate was easy – it starts from there. Again I would always get on the same carriage and nearly always the same seat. Then again, I don’t think this is limited to trains, classrooms are the same no matter what age you are, drinking down the pub there is always the few who sit in the same place and they have most probably been there all day. Also, (not in my house) I seen many relatives and a few elderly people who have to have to same seat in front of the TV. It must be a nightmare in care homes – twenty odd over eighty-year-olds all fighting over their usual perches. I can’t imagine what happens when someone leaves(!) and a much better seat comes available. I’m enjoying my seat very much while writing this- habit or obsessive-compulsive order?

Unfortnately, I couldn’t actually post this blog at the time of writing it about 4 hours ago, as my iPod Touch needs to grow up into an iPhone. I haven’t been travelling on trains at 10.45 pm in the evening. If I had I should have been down the pub instead of finishing off my coursework!


1 Response to “Peculiar habits”

  1. 1 aporia July 8, 2008 at 11:31 pm

    I think humans like routines to some extent. They’re good :]

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