Binge drinkers

It’s always portrayed that all binge drinkers are seventeen year olds boozing on alcopops on a Saturday night. I’m sure this happens but my experience of binge drinkers is normally of women on a night out away from their husbands and kids. A lot of friends I know don’t drink at home so when they are out they go crazy but only on nights out if it’s a party. Going to the pub or a restaurant doesn’t count as a binge drink night, normally it’s only me drinking vast qualities. I do not class myself as a binge drinker as I don’t mind drinking a beer or making a cocktail for myself at home and I’ve learnt my lesson for drinking too much in the past. The past two times it has involved mixing my drinks and shots of B52s or some sort of liqueur, and then I’m sick and past out. Feeling like crap the very next day.

Anyway back to binge drinkers, the London Major would like to ban 21 years old from buying alcohol in shops in London and its boroughs, even though it is legal to buy it at 18. Most shops locally say you have to look over 25 or you will get ask ID. Maybe soon we will be like the States and you haved to be over 21s to buy alcohol anywhere (not sure if this true for all parts of America but can’t be bothered to research it). I think most kids get their alcohol from their parents – I’ve been round someone’s house and their 16 year old daughter was drinking alcopops all evening and then, their 14 year old wanted one so they let her too. I was driving that evening so my views on it are a bit bias as I was jealous! Teenagers will still get cheap cider or wine no matter what laws they bring in, personally I think it’s all part of growing up. I have fond memories of drinking cheap cider and dancing to The Prodigy in someone’s front room at a house party. Then again, I only discovered alcohol when I could get into pubs and clubs at 18, so I wasn’t exactly breaking the law.


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