Kiddies City

My sister-in-law had a baby girl today (and very cute she is too) so off we went to spend a small fortune on very tiny clothes. It is amazing that at the shopping centre how many people take their children with them and how many children look so bored. My memories of shopping with my mum when I was younger always involved the dress making department or the curtain shop, well there was always lots of fabric going on. Me and my younger brother were always bored by these trips. There was one toy shop called ‘Kiddies City’ and most of the toys were cheap and cheerful like marbles and yo-yos. Most of the toys we saw today definitely won’t cheap and the amount of pink going on for girls is unbelievable and slightly scary. Anyway, the new parents looked really happy so everything is good.

I’ve got writers block again so this post is really short. As I’ve got the next week off I might have more exciting things write about. Just catching up on sleep might help. Great weekends everyone!!! Now where is my Cosmopolitan!

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