Hot in the City

For the past week it has been surprisingly hot and sunny in the South East of England. It looks like it might continue for the next couple of days at least. As I’ve been on holiday for the past week and even though at home I have managed to avoid the news for the week. I imagine that the papers and the news on TV were full of people on the beach at the beginning of the hot spell. This happens every year when the weather suddenly turns warm – pictures of girls in bikinis in one of the London parks. Then the next day there is normally an array of people looking a bit burnt, sporting that streaky bacon look. Us Brits have a canny knack of getting way too excited about the sun and going a bit mad. Half-naked girls started hanging about beaches and parks, old men in the rather attractive look of socks and sandals, and news presenters predicting this might be the hottest summer so far. To be fair it has been a while since it has been this warm for so long.

Houses in the UK are not built for warm weather – double glazing, carpets, heavy curtains etc., so when it is above average warm sleeping at night is a nightmare. But I suppose with only a few months a year of nice weather having lots of tiled floors and air conditioning would seem a bit pointless. Luckily, my house is quite cool, especially downstairs – wooden floors, slate flooring in the kitchen and blinds instead of curtains. Other issues with warm weather in the UK is flying ants and gnats. These pesky insects get everywhere on warm days. Then there is myself, getting my white legs out in the warm weather – they are almost as bright as the sun and most people need eye protection from the glare! But at least I can get to wear my Birkenstocks and other sandals that I have collecting in my wardrobe.


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