Just some more thoughts…

Not sure if the warm weather is here to stay but it was humid last night. There are all sorts of helpful and sometimes silly ideas for keeping cool at night in the news and press. Various ideas are: having a cold water bottle (instead of hot), a cool box by your bed with damn cold towels so when awake at night you can cover yourself in them, a small fan with a dish of ice cold water in front of it. Seems like a lot of effort for the three nights we have had of hot weather. Maybe opening windows and taking the duvet off the bed and replacing it with a sheet might be easier. I’m sure if this sort of humid weather continued for a long time when I would get a fan. But the noise of a fan might just keep me awake as well. Don’t think air con would be called for as the hot summer will never stay for long even with global warming.

I was reading today the six-page article that was in the Sunday Times about Amy Winehouse. Very interesting but I do feel sorry for her. She is hounded by the press all the time, most probably has an addictive personality by the amount of drugs she supposedly has taken and by the sounds of it can’t cope with the pressures of fame.  Then again, she if didn’t want all the attention, she could hide away like many other celebs and then you just don’t see or hear from them. Living in central London can not help matters. Amy Winehouse is like a UK version of Britney but at least Amy Winehouse can sing.


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