WordPress app for my iPod touch

This is my first post using the iPhone/iPod touch WordPress app – everything seems ok but that might be because I’m sitting on a train under the influence of three cosmopolitans on an empty stomach. I wouldn’t class some French stick bread and Brie as a filling meal. Back to this app – I’m quite surprised that I can use it when not connected to wifi. It will auto-recovery a post if you haven’t saved it – like I did when checking out which song I was listening to and switching to music before saving. This also means I don’t need to use the Notes on my iPod touch and email myself the post so I can copy and paste it into WordPress. I can’t check the spelling and previewing the post doesn’t really look good but this might be different once I’m online. I can also add tags and categories that are already saved on my account. Clever!

So due to my intoxicated manner this will be published via my iPod touch without my usual re-reading and spell checking. Oh dear, everyone will be able to see how bad my grammar and spelling really is. Also there might be some random words as the clever people at Apple have helpfully added predicated text while writing but it’s not always the word that I want. If I am typing too quickly then I don’t realise. Well we will have to see how this goes! Update: the preview works brilliantly when connected to wifi.


2 Responses to “WordPress app for my iPod touch”

  1. 1 ohad raz August 7, 2008 at 2:00 pm

    you can get a free one at http://onapplestore.com

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