I was thinking it is about time I did another diary post about my life. It also means I don’t have to really think about what I’m writing. Woke up around 9am still in a lot of pain from my fall yesterday but not only is it my elbow but my lower back and neck was aching. Got up for some breakfast of scrambled eggs, baked beans with wholemeal English muffins and a cup of black tea. Showered, just about washed my hair (can’t lift my arm up at the moment), dressed etc. Put some laundry on and decided to clear out my shoes cupboard. After counting up all my shoes, boots, sandals, trainers and walking boots – 48 in total, yikes – came downstairs to watch the swimming trials while resting my elbow. Had some lunch and then we went to B&Q – got another paint sample for the hallway! Trying to find the right colour is proving difficult.

Got back home and my sister-in-law and brother-in-law popped round with their little baby girl. Had more tea and lots of chatting. After they had left, I threw three pairs of footwear away, six pairs for charity and put the rest back in my wardrobe in a much more organised way. Now I’m back downstairs watching the Olympics again while burning Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst music on to a CD for my friend who I persuaded to come with me to see Conor Oberst at the end of August. I thought it might be helpful if she knew some of his songs! Of course, I am writing this at the same time. The weather has suddenly changed as well and it is absolutely pouring down now – where did the nice weather go? Dinner next and a restful night in with some pain killers. Not a very exciting Sunday – I’m going to search WordPress for other blogs that had exciting Sundays to see what I should be doing.


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