The Olympics – BBC-stylie

I believe I have written about the greatness of the BBC before and I will say it again, I don’t think there is another TV channel that can cover sport as the BBC can. The BBC have replaced most of the breakfast and daytime shows with coverage of the Olympics and the BBC website has live video and live text commentary. Basically, I can watch the Olympics while getting ready, keep up-to-date with the events by live text and watch the best bits at lunch time. There is also a catch-up programme on in the evenings and it is all on without adverts! The commentary of the Olympics is also great and OK, it can be slightly bias towards Team GB but most of it is just congratulating on the best person who wins. The swimming has proved this by Sharron Davies (Olympic swimmer in the eighties) interviewing nearly all the winners for the races, no matter if they were British or not.

The athletics starts tomorrow so hopefully Team GB will start moving back up the medals table – currently we are ninth (sorry it’s now tenth after just checking the table – oh dear!) with only seven medals in total. China has 35 and USA has 34 at the moment – I hope the people in charge of Team GB are taking note, we really have something to prove in four years time!

Below is the funniest thing I have seen on the Olympics so far – it is a picture of Sir Steve Redgrave and commentator John Inverdale in rather attractive plastic macs while it was pouring of rain in Beijing. The actual video clip is really funny too, unfortunately I couldn’t post the video on here but this is the link to it. Really brightens my mood considering Team GB didn’t get any medals todamy.


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