A Festival Virgin

Yesterday I went to the V Festival, just for the day. It was my very first festival so there goes my festival virginity. Here is my account of the day. There was only three of us (finding friends to go to festivals is hard the older I get), so we set off from my local train station and got the train to Chelmsford. Only took about an hour to get there and the festival had organized shuttle buses to take revellers to the festival site. First long queue of the day but it did move quite quickly. Got to Hylands Park and joined another long queue, this time to check tickets and tell people to leave any glass behind. There was loads of festival goers drinking bottles of beer and other alcoholic drinks instead of having them confiscated. Noted quite a few empty bottles of vodka and Bacardi laying around. Got through this point and then queued up for the toilets. Joined another long queue to have bags and tickets checked again – this took about 40 minutes. Finally on the site, we went straight to the veggie burger bar for some fuel and then went to the main stage to watch Alanis Morissette. Then we decided to get some drinks and joined another long queue to buy bar tokens. One and half hours later we got bar tokens! Then another queue to actually get a beer. By this time I was thinking that it might just be easier to go home and watch the acts on TV. After a bit of a chill out in the sun I decided to try out the toilets – massive queue again but they were really clean toilets after what I had heard about other festival toilets. Might have helped that there was a lady checking the toilets for paper.

After this, things improved – we saw lots of good live music – Beth Rowley, Maximo Park, The Scripts, The Kooks, Will Young, The Sterophonics, The Prodigy and the very end of Muse. The vastness of the site is great and with four areas for music it was really hard deciding which bands to see. Will Young was particular good – which was in one of the tented arenas. He is a really good showman. And then we saw Gareth Gates coming out of the crowds! The Sterophonics were really good as well and at the same time there was a most gorgeous sunset. The Prodigy were excellent and the main reason for going. The Prodigy finished about 20 minutes before the end of Muse so we quickly rushed over the main stage and got the last song. They were fanastic as well and I had wished The Prodigy and Muse were on at different times. On a sad note, was all the rubbish that was everywhere – I have never seen so much of it in one place and everywhere it was. Plastic bottles, cups, plates and food. It seemed like that no one could be bothered to take their rubbish to the bins. At the end of the night it was like a sea of rubbish to walk through. On a bright note it didn’t heavily rain like the forecasters kept saying. It rain for about 2 minutes lightly during The Prodigy and it was still warm on the way home. Took about 2 hours to get home, so by the time I got home I was absolutely knackered. I will definitely go back to V but I might drive, not get there too early and try and take my own food with me. Seeing lots of live music is just fab!


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