Ummmm – I wasn’t sure if to publish this post but this might be one of the reasons for writing a blog to get my dark thoughts down on “paper” so then I feel better afterwards. Not that my thoughts are that dark – I blame them on a restless night sleep and the Krispy Kreme that I had (I don’t even like them but it was someone’s birthday at work today). Too much sugar sometimes makes me feel really low. It’s strange that I can feel miserable for no real reason – I’ve always got confusing issues going on in my head! Talk about a bad mood – it made me push and shove past people at Embankment station and I’m never normally like that. If only I could write songs, they would be full of angst but I’m not one of these types who are suddenly really happy or really low. I’m pretty much neither over-excited or overly depressing, just “normal”.

Right this is my first part of my post – I’m going for a run to see if that helps.

Back from my run and had dinner. The run was the best I have ever felt while running – ran straight past my house until my shoe lace came undone. Good start on my plan to run more mileage as I felt I could actually go on for longer . My mind also feels a bit sorted but I think a good night sleep with help the most. I’m actually eating dark chocolate as well which I love and I like to believe that helps as well. Writing the first paragraph on the train on the way home did seem to help as well but maybe I am self-analysing everything too much. In the Sunday Times there was a really good article about living for the moment and to stop worrying about the past and future. I like to pick up quotes like these “Thoughts of the past are generally full of resentments and thoughts of the future is full of fear” and “The real problem with living for the future is that you don’t know if you were right or wrong until it’s too late”. Tomorrow I will be alright and wondering what all the fuss was about (see I’m feeling back to normal already)!


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