Twit Twit

I keep meaning to write about Twitter but never got round to it until now. They call it a microblogging (it’s them again!) but I always say it’s like Facebook status updates. That’s all it is really but with the question “What are you doing?” and with only 140 characters to use on it “tweet”. I have come to the conclusion that Twitter still hasn’t taken off in the UK as Facebook did. Maybe the reason for this is “word of mouth” hasn’t worked as well as it did with Facebook but I really think that most people can’t cope with too many social networking sites to check and in the UK we don’t use our mobiles like people in other countries.

Only recently with the release of the 3g iPhone was there a rush for them. Before, the sales of the iPhone was reportedly slower than expected. Many commuters have Blackberry’s and flashy phones but I still think the British use mobiles for two things only – phoning or texting people. I don’t see many people with iPhones/iPod touch products, which has the best usability for viewing websites like Twitter. Maybe as time goes on more and more iPhones will appear and word of mouth about tweeting, then Twitter it might be more common place in the UK. I remember the way Facebook exploded in my world with everyone saying are you on it, have you seen this, blah blah and even now I’m still having lots of old school friends requesting to join my friend list, and now they are busily posting old school photos! This is where Friendsreunited failed – that was huge years ago in the UK but you had to pay (something silly like £5) for the premium service. Also the design of it was rubbish. I bet the creators are rubbing their hands now after selling it to ITV for £120m. It must be all down to continually updating and improving your site to keep it alive and fresh, otherwise it turns from the most popular site in the world to one that is forgotten and replaced just as quickly. Lycos, comes to mind. Thinking about it what the hell happened to Netscape, I used to use that all the time many years ago.

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