The Olympics is over…

… so now what I’m I going to watch. Nothing much actually but have just spent the last hour watching the Reading and Leeds Festival on the BBC iPlayer. Shame I can’t save the festival programmes to my iPod Touch to watch on long plane journeys or maybe I can if I was really naughty and looked for a hack online! Anyway, back to the Olympics – how well did Team GB do! Amazing! Much better than I think anyone ever thought. I am imagining that it will be another four years before I watching athletics, swimming and cycling again. I don’t really watch much sport on TV – the London Marathon and maybe a bit of tennis while Wimbledon is on. Until the Olympics is back on!

The other morning I was watching the diving (lots of men in very small trunks with amazing muscular bodies!) and it made me think of a funny story of Speedos. While on holiday in France a few years ago during the summer we were staying in a chalet with lots of other holiday makers. Didn’t know anyone else but it’s a great way to meet loads of people and have a great laugh. Sharing a breakfast table in the morning with a small group of strangers of all ages, that are all interested in mountain biking and hiking is fab! One particular couple had a day off from all the biking and walking and decided to go to the local open air swimming pool. On arrival, Simon (I’m amazed that I can still remember his name!) was told that he couldn’t wear swimming shorts and had to wear Speedo pants instead for hygienic reasons (the French are odd at times!). Thus, he didn’t have any Speedos but was ask if he would like to hire some! Yuk! Being British, he refused and had to buy some new ones but the idea of borrowing some tight Lycra pants that many other men have worn is just grim!! I wonder if they wash them inbetween hires…


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