Run Fat Boy Run

Great film with Simon Pegg and at the beginning when he is just starting to run, that’s just how I feel when I started running. Out of breath in about one minute and unable to walk let alone run anymore. Except I didn’t sign up for a marathon or wear short shorts. My running is getting better but at the moment it’s trying to find the time to fit it in. Most of the running guides suggest every other day which is fine and most of the time I can do that like last week. This week is a bit of a sham – went on Saturday and was hoping to go tonight. Considering it is nearly eight o’clock at night and I’m still on a train, while writing this so I don’t think that is going to happen. I’ve got this blog to write, dinner, ironing and some tagging of work headlines to do. Before you know it it’s ten at night and I’ll be ready for bed.

I’m definitely not the type of person to get up at six in the morning and go for a run. I would never get to work then. It’s alright at the weekends but that’s running at eight/nine in the morning.  For a bit of inspiration for my running I read about 6o-odd year-old (in the papers she was reported as Granny – she didn’t look like a Granny) Rosie Swale-Pope who has just spent the last five years running around the world.  Not that I would like to run around the world but it’s something to think about while I’m trying to run my measly-odd miles.  She was quoted in saying “Don’t let anyone tell you it’s a small world” – it might not be if you are trying to run, walk, cycling or motorbike around it but it is with technology.


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