Can he do it?

That was the headline on thelondonpaper tonight – yes he can! Good old Bob the Builder, he can fix anything. Actually, the article was about Barack Obama and not a children’s cartoon character whose catch phrase is “yes we can” – I don’t know if Bob the Builder ever made it across to the States but it is quite funny how Barack has borrowed his catch phrase. I’m sure he hasn’t really! Now that that Democratic nomination has been accepted and I believe the Republicans hold their conference next week, this means non-stop coverage about the Presidential elections in the US. There will be a many catchy slogans for this from the UK press like “America decides 08” and “Race for President”.

Obviously no one with a British passport can vote but we do seem to take a real interest in this contest. Maybe that’s because it actually feels like a “World Presidential Vote” and not just for one country. But that might be because the British politicians always follow suit as to what America does. From a personal view, I hope Barack wins but who ever wins I hope they put an end to all the conflicts that in the world and let the troops get home safely. Wow, what a current news type of post this is, anyway hope everyone has a good weekend!


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