Art Stuff

This afternoon I spent half an hour going through a couple of boxes of my art stuff! What I mean by art stuff is paint, brushes and pencils. I haven’t actually painted anything (except walls and window frames) for years now – since moving in to my own home I haven’t drawn or painted anything. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been given or bought art materials – I have a huge section of watercolour paints, acrylic paints and charcoal/pastel pencils. I also have a feeling that there is a box or two still in the loft that I need to go through. After I had a bit of a clear out and donated some craft things like glitter to my nieces, I now know what I have and where it is. All I have to do now is actually start painting again but what to paint. Not sure if I could do still life again – bowls of fruit or still life. Painting nude women or men who are normally over the age of sixty is not that exciting either. I quite enjoyed painting flowers and I went through a phase of painting flowers on glass bottles using glass paints. I also enjoyed abstract art at college – so maybe something to do with flowers and abstract, ummm now that is an idea.

I will have to make sure I get started on some art soon as I would like to start another OU course in October (still deciding on which one to take but I’m sure I will write about it on here). Once I start another course it will take up a lot of my weekend time so there will be no time for art but it will be good for me to have a deadline to get some painting done. One way that I have been using my creative skills is in Adobe Illustrator, not only for work in creating icons but at home. I don’t really create anything in particular except for an icon that I created for my OU website course but it’s great fun playing around with Illustrator. As I don’t have a printer at home I can’t print out any of my designs but I have used one of them as my Skype picture. Well, lets see if I can get myself motivated and start drawing and painting again on good old-fashioned paper.

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