Scruff bag

On the way home from work today I felt such a scruff bag and I’m not really sure why. Maybe it was from getting soaked on the way in to work this morning or what I was wearing. Actually I think it might be the coat I was wearing, the bargain $29 Nine West coat I got in San Francisco, which is like a mac in black and grey but as I found out today it isn’t all waterproof. I liked the coat when I got it and everyone else seems to like it but when I’m wearing it, it just doesn’t feel right. Weird I know. I’ll keep it for the odd occasionally autumn non-wet days but it’s not a favourite of mine.

I sometimes think it is odd how clothes can affect my mood or confidence. Is this just a girl thing? I wish I didn’t care as much as I do about clothes as that would save me a small fortune. But there will always be beautiful things to buy and the things that I need with every new season. I’m not in to designer clothing, the nearest I get to that is Ted Baker but that’s because they sell clothing that is different to the high street shops. I like clothes that aren’t run-of-the-mill but not completely wacky like Helena Bonham Carter. As much as I don’t like the end of summer and the days getting shorter but I do like the change of clothes with the new season. Autumnal colours, opaque tights and scarfs while walking through a woods with the leaves falling all around. Hah, that is actually what the magazine portray with the new season – in reality I will actually be on the tube feeling hot and sweaty in my thick tights and scarf, but I do love the autumn colours.


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